List of 11 expensive cars owned by Saif and Kareena

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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are a standout amongst the most observed Bollywood couples in India. As of late, they have been much in news in view of their child Taimur. The couple has a scope of vehicles that they use for their everyday drive. Since they are one of the most popular couples of Bollywood, people are always eager to know about their lifestyle. From their home to their clothes, people love to keep themselves updated about both of them. Another most searched thing about them is their car collection. There is a wide range of cars in their garage. Be that as it may, what are they? We should discover. Here is a list of 10 expensive cars owned by Saif and Kareena.

  1. Audi R8 Spyder


Saif is a known vehicle lover and has a major carport. The on-screen character claims an R8 Spyder, which is the convertible form of the supercar. Saif has been seen frequently in the red-shaded R8 Spyder and Kareena has been seen in a similar vehicle as well. The Audi R8 Spyder is fueled by a monstrous 5.2-liter V10 motor that creates a most extreme intensity of 525 Bhp and 530 Nm of torque. It can complete 0-100 km/h in simply 4.1 seconds and can go up to 313 km/h. Right now, just the hardtop form of the vehicle is accessible in India.

  1. Ford Mustang


Saif Ali Khan additionally claims a Mustang in India. In any case, it isn't the official Mustang that is offered by Ford. Saif had imported the Mustang before it was authoritatively accessible in the Indian market. Saif claims a GT500, which is likewise red in shading yet gets white hustling stripes on it. It isn't known which motor precisely controls Saif's Mustang yet there are two motors accessible with the vehicle – a 5.4-liter motor that creates 540 Bhp and a 5.8-liter V8 that produces 670 Bhp. It is a more established age of the Mustang and isn't accessible in the market.

  1. BMW 7-Series


Aside from the S-Class, the couple additionally possesses the BMW 7 arrangement in their vehicle gathering. This BMW 7-Series rendition is the diesel variation (750Ld diesel adaptation) possessed by the couple. The extravagance cantina is one of the most loved vehicles of the couple and is regularly found in it. The vehicle is controlled by a 6-chamber diesel motor that produces a most extreme intensity of around 400 Bhp and pinnacle torque of 560 Nm. It can complete 0-100 km in 4.6 seconds.

  1. Mercedes-Benz S-Class


Saif and Kareena as of late purchased an all-new S-Class in advanced dim shading. The S-Class claimed by them is a S 350 diesel variation. It is controlled by a 3.0-liter V6 motor that produces a limit of 255 Bhp and pinnacle torque of 620 Nm. It is the main diesel motor accessible with the S-Class in India. The couple frequently utilizes this vehicle to achieve their gatherings.

  1. Land Rover Range Rover Vogue


Saif additionally possesses a more seasoned age of the Range Rover Vogue. Range Rovers are very normal in the big name carports and Saif has one as well. The isn't seen much however the couple still uses it circumvent the town. The more seasoned Range Rover Vogue was accessible with six motor alternatives, 3 oil and 3 diesel. It isn't known which specific variation is utilized by Saif.

  1. Audi Q7


Kareena claims an Audi Q7, however, is for the most part found in the S-Class and the 7-Series. The Q7 is the leader Audi SUV in India. The car owned by Kareena is fueled by a 3.0-litre V6 diesel motor that creates the greatest intensity of 245 Bhp and pinnacle torque of 600 Nm.

  1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Aside from the leader S-Class, the couple additionally possesses the top of the line extravagance vehicle in the nation, the E-Class. The performing artist possesses a more seasoned form of the vehicle, which isn't accessible in the market now. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is one the best decisions for the industrialists as it is very reasonable and is a decent incentive for cash.

  1. Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT


This is Saif's most recent expansion to the carport. The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is the most dominant Jeep that you can purchase in India. It isn't possessed by Saif yet has been given to the performing artist by Jeep India. The Grand Cherokee SRT is controlled by a 6.4-liter V8 supercharged petroleum motor that creates around 470 Bhp and 640 Nm. It can complete 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and can achieve 257 km/h.

  1. Lexus LX 470


Kareena likewise possesses a Lexus LX 470, which was utilized by her frequently two or three years back. The tremendous SUV is from the past age of the model. It has a 5.6-litre V8 motor that builds up a limit of 383 Bhp – 546 Nm. Kareena isn't seen much in the extravagance SUV at present.

  1. Honda CR-V


Saif additionally possesses a humble Honda CR-V SUV that is regularly utilized by his girl, Sara Ali Khan. The CR-V is just accessible with an oil motor right now. It gets 2.4-liter petroleum motor that additionally fueled the more established age of Honda Accord. There is a lower control 2.0-liter variation as well yet it doesn't get an AWD framework.

  1. Land Rover Range Rover Sport


Kareena has frequently been seen going around in her Range Rover Sport SUV. Her Range Rover Sport is by all accounts a past age SUV. The present Range Rover Sport SUV accompanies a large group of petroleum and diesel motors extending from V6s to supercharged V8s. Kareena has as of late been detected various occasions in the Range Rover Sport alongside her child, Taimur.

Now you know what a precious garage this couple owns. Just like other things owned by them, both these celebs do not compromise on quality when it comes to their cars. Kareena and Saif definitely choose their cars after seeing all the details.


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