Tyre pressure

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Tyre pressure is the air pressure inside a tyre. It is very important to check whether your tyres are properly inflated or not. Under-inflation is one of the major causes of tyre failure. When your tyres are under-inflated, the pressure in the tyre is distributed unequally. The part which has less pressure, become saggy and creates friction with the ground while rotation. This tends to heat up the tyre which can cause early wear and tear, puncture and even blowout. In order to prevent such a situation, check whether your tyres are properly inflated or not.

Inadequate pressure can lead to under-inflation as well as over-inflation. Both the situations are not good for the tyre. Let’s look at the disadvantages of both of them:

Under-inflated tyres:

  • Tyre flattens and loses steering precision.

  • Tyre starts heating up.

  • Tyre becomes more prone to punctures and blowouts.

Over-inflated tyres:

  • Tyre becomes very stiff giving bumps during the ride.

  • Tyre’s contact with the road is reduced which is not good especially in wet surface and snow.

  • Tyre becomes more prone to damage in kerbs and potholes.




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